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Database of cultural property of national significance

You can search this database for protected cultural objects and movable property in Germany, the European Union and the contracting states to the UNESCO Convention on cultural property.

The database contains information about

  • objects in museums, such as paintings, sculptures and historical artefacts,
  • library materials, such as manuscripts, incunabula and early prints, and
  • archival materials, such as documents, files and official registers.

You can search the database for individual cultural objects or view entire registers and overviews, such as

  • state registers of cultural property of national significance,
  • state registers of archives of national significance,
  • an overview of cultural monuments and movable property protected under the cultural heritage laws of the states,
  • an overview of cultural objects subject to rights and obligations based on law concerning entailed estates, and
  • a register of cultural property of the contracting states under the Act on the Return of Cultural Objects (in preparation).

Please note that the same object may appear in up to three different registers or overviews. For example, a historical library may be listed in the register of cultural property of national significance as well as the overviews of items protected under cultural heritage law and subject to law concerning entailed estates, although protected status under cultural heritage law or law on entailed estates is indicated only if state law allows this information to be published.

In the absence of relevant legislation, images of protected objects in private possession may be provided only with the owner’s consent.

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Search tips

In a basic search, you can look for specific terms individually or in combination.
To find relevant results, you may type in AND or OR between terms.
You may also use certain symbols (wildcards, or placeholders for other characters), such as a question mark (?) to denote exactly one character, or an asterisk (*) to denote a series of characters.
Adding a tilde (~) after a word supports fuzzy searches.

Example:Search result
portraitthe entire word
port*the first four letter of the word
portrait AND selfboth words
"self-portrait"the exact phrase

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